Series G : Helical Gearbox

The helical gearbox is a low-power consumer and is compact. This equipment is used for a broad range of industrial applications, but typically in heavy-duty operations. The helical gearbox is popular in constructing plastics, cement, rubber, and other heavy industrial settings. It is helpful in crushers, extruders, coolers, and conveyors, all low-power applications. The helical gearbox is unique in that it is fixed at an angle that, when in motion, enables more teeth to interact in the same direction.
Most of the reputable industrial gearbox manufacturers propose helical gearbox to operate under heavy power efficiency and, of course, when we require silent performance such as automotive systems. Some of them include Steel, rolling mills, power and port applications, Printing industries, fertilizer industries, earth-moving industries, Plastic industries, textile industries, food industries, elevators, conveyors, compressors, blowers, and oil industries.

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Series G : Helical Gearbox

HEPT helical gearbox(series G) offers a perfect solution to and drive application due to an extreme variable speed range. Our helical gearbox is compact, versatile, and cost-effective. As the leading helical gearbox manufacturer, we don’t compromise on quality. Every motor must pass strict quality control and inspection before shipment. Our helical gearbox is DNV- ISO 900:2008, SGS, and CE certified. Whether you need HEPT helical gearbox for solid shaft, foot, and flange versions, we have the ideal equipment for any helical reduction gearbox. With HEPT helical gearbox, you can achieve the required torque density and a wide range of output speeds. Also, you can attain over 95% efficiency with virtually no noise during the operation. These gearboxes are compatible with all our helical gearboxes. If you find it challenging to choose an appropriate HEPT helical gearbox, you can contact our technical engineers. We will help you select an appropriate model for your industry.

Key Features of Series G: Helical Gearbox

  • Low speed with maximum efficiency
  • Low noise with high efficiency
  • Free maintenance
  • Light Weight
  • Small volume with a high load capacity

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